Your POWERFUL Mind Body & CONFIDENCE Experience

Soulful Strength: Your Powerful Mind, Body & Confidence Experience

Your Powerful Mind, Body and Confidence Experience


Nourished Strength Bundle 

Discover the secret to shedding unwanted weight using a perfect balance of structure and flexibility         giving you confidence that you can reveal your fittest, most confident self 


Empowered Reflections:  Guided Body Confidence

Your limiting beliefs are holding you back from enjoying your body confidence. Find out how to shatter these so that they never come back!

 VALUE £29

Values, Vision & Boundaries LIVE WORKSHOP

No more setting yourself up to fail!

  On this live group Zoom call I will show you how to complete the Values, Vision and Boundaries Workbook so you can set goals and actions guaranteed to WORK FOR YOU

Just print out your workbook or have paper, a pen and a refreshing drink ☕🧃 ready as I walk you through completing each section step by step

Questions are welcome in our safe and supportive community space created for you

   VALUE £147

About the course

Soulful Strength: Your Powerful Mind, Body & Confidence Experience is here to guide you to a place of empowerment and harmony.

Your self guided mini course where each step is not just about physical fitness, but a journey of rediscovery and resilience.

Designed for women navigating the unique challenges of midlife, this course offers more than just workouts and nutrition plans – it's a celebration of your strength, both inside and out.

Experience the joy of movement with gentle yet effective strength routines, embrace intuitive eating, and cultivate a mindset brimming with positivity. 'Soulful Strength' is about crafting a life of well-being, enveloping every part of you in health and happiness.


You're invited to join be and community of inspiring women on the same path in a LIVE workshop where you'll be guided to complete your Vision, Values and Boundaries Navigator.

No more holding yourself back...

You will be safetly held within an abundant and vibrant space so you  can open your mind to the possibilities available to you. 

Surrender to the flow and discover your true desires as I guide you to create your Life Aligned Path for a powerful year of self discovery, strength and core confidence building.

Say YES to 'Soulful Strength' now, and begin a journey where Strong and Serene is your new vibe.

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